Client Orientation




As a full service builder, Hartley Homebuilding can take you from start to finish in creating your custom home.  Whether you need assistance in finding a home site or designing your home plan, or you have your site and plans already, we work with you from where you are, to get you to where you want to be.  Our team is prepared to make the building of your dream home as easy and as pleasant as possible.  


Design Questionnaire


Complete the online Design Questionnaire.

Whether you have a specific plan you would like to customize, or only an idea of what your dream home could be, completing this questionnaire enables you to organize your wish list for your new home.  Your input on the questionnaire is preliminary to the design process and provides a basis for developing the first draft of your floor plan.  

Initial Meeting


If you have not secured your building lot, Hartley Homebuilding can assist you in finding the perfect site for your dream home.  Determining the site before deciding on a home plan is an important first step in order to maximize the topography, views, and constraints of a building lot.  You can count on our years of development and construction experience to position your home at an optimal location on your site. 


Once your home site has been determined, we will work through your expectations for square footage, a preliminary set of specifications, and budget.   This will provide the basis for a tailor-made construction plan that delineates how those expectations can best be met in terms of construction and budget requirements. If needed, we can also walk you through the steps for obtaining a construction loan. 


Our goal is to provide you with a good understanding of what it will take to make your dream home a reality before you begin.

Design Process


Building your dream home is one of the most exciting and rewarding events in your life.  Once you have decided on Hartley Homebuilding to build your home, it’s time to start the design stage. To begin the design process, we require a non-refundable design fee.   Whether we are customizing an existing plan or creating a new plan, this fee covers the design of the preliminary set of plans, subsequent revisions, the front elevation concept, updates to the preliminary specifications, and the final architectural drawings.  We are also happy to work with your architect, however, as a caution, it is difficult to control the costs when we are not controlling the design.


Our design team relies on your input on the Design Questionnaire to begin the design process for your home.  The Design Questionnaire is a tool that is simply a starting point, as your initial responses may change and adjust as we work with you through the design stage.  


Construction and Selection Process


Hartley Homebuilding is synonymous with solid, quality construction and great relationships with our clients.   Excellent client/builder communication is the cornerstone of our all-inclusive project management program, and we strive to keep you informed and updated throughout the construction process.   


Construction starts once the permit process is completed, the plans have been finalized, and the lot has been cleared.  The three major stages in the construction process are the foundation stage, the framing stage, and the mechanical rough stage.   Each stage requires a specific set of decisions and selections that must be in place before this stage begins. 


Using your personalized online client access, you are able to stay on track with the selection schedule, add your selections, ask questions or respond to questions, make comments, and initiate change orders.



Service and Warranty


Hartley Homebuilding’s commitment to quality does not end when the keys to your dream home are handed over. Our customers know that they can pick up the phone and call us whenever they encounter a problem with our work, and expect a solution. We are a small, local builder, and we try to treat each customer as a neighbor and friend.