These are words we love to hear.  We look forward to hearing you say them, too.  

"We love it!". . .  

~ Jim and Norma

It is great to be in a home of our own.  Thanks to Bonnie for all the time and effort she put into the design and help on this project, as well as the team of experts that Hartley Homebuilding used in the construction of our beautiful home.  Todd and Brian had the knowledge and experience to construct this house on a mountaintop with many obstacles, such as rocks, steep inclines, and big trees, enduring cold, and inclement weather, as we approached the winter season.  All the contractors they used were truly professional and performed their work in the same way.  We would highly recommend Hartley Homebuilding to anyone. 


~ John and Carri

The Hartley Homebuilding team is terrific to work with. From our first meeting with Todd, to the last walk through, he and Brian were attentive, responsive, and honest.  They were wonderful to bounce ideas off of and get an honest assessment. My husband and I have built 5 homes now, and working with Hartley Homebuilding has been the very best. I would recommend them to one and all.              

 ~ Ken and Mary Anne

We’ve lived in new homes before, but never a custom built home, so we had a lot to learn about the process of buying land, designing the home, getting a mortgage, and much more. Todd helped us every step of the way.  He went above what was expected in helping us find the land, which had breathtaking views, but also a rundown, partially constructed house on the property.  Assuring us that he could make it work, Todd and his designer Bonnie Henriques came up with a beautiful design for the house that fulfilled our wish list. 


Todd’s faith, integrity, and honesty were evident in the way he worked with his crew and us.  Always looking out for our best interests, he communicated with us about any changes that had to be made.   Bonnie was fantastic in helping with all the decisions regarding design, listening to what we said and helping us make great decisions.  We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Todd and Bonnie.  The house turned out better than my husband and I dreamed, and we are enjoying living in our beautiful home.   We highly recommend Hartley Homebuilding. 


~ Jennifer

THANK YOU for all you did for us. When we took plans and adapted them to what we wanted, your input was invaluable. You listened to what we envisioned and went above our expectations. The attention to detail was spectacular and the crews were excellent and courteous. Victor never felt in the way when he stopped by the site and always came away with learning something new. You and Brian were accessible to us and realistic in what we were to expect. The best compliment we’ve had was that our home is not only comfortable, but looks like it belongs in a magazine. You’ve helped us create our own oasis.

~ Doug & Stef

Integrity, quality, and value are the hallmarks of Hartley Homebuilding. This was my third custom home and Todd was - without question - the best builder and easiest to work with. His long-term relationship with his subcontractors ensured superb work, on time completion, and follow up. Fit and finish is outstanding, and his construction standards exceed code in many areas. He also provided the most competitive pricing. We highly recommend Hartley Homebuilding and are willing to talk to potential customers, if desired.